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Disneyland Paris: Big plans for Walt Disney Studios Park

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Snack Tag

Ik zag deze Tag bij Petra van Sprinkles on a cupcake passeren en ik dacht: Da's een leuke! Dus bij deze, mijn antwoorden op de Snack Tag. Doe hem gerust zelf en post in de comments je linkje of antwoord gewoon hieronder op de vragen. :) want wie houdt er nu niet van een lekkere snack? 

Wat is je favoriete Fastfood restaurant?
In BelgiĆ« is het voorlopig nog wat povertjes qua aanbod. Dus hier moet ik voor McDonald's kiezen. Buiten BelgiĆ«, zou ik dan voor KFC gaan. We love fried chicken :) 
Verder staan er nog een hoop Amerikaanse restaurants op onze bucketlist met op nummer 1: In 'n' Out Burger!  

Zoete of zoute popcorn?

Wat is je favoriete ijsje?
Goh, ik hou enorm van ijsjes, maar ik ben lactose intollerant en dat maakt het soms erg moeilijk. Gelukkig bestaan er pilletjes voor en als ik niet overdrijf kan ik wel eens een ijsje eten. Ik hou vooral van de Magnums, zowel de originele als de witte met aardbei-ijs, de double chocolate, de double coconut, de magnum in een pot…

So about last year....

I can not believe it's already 2018. I can not believe I'll be turning 35 this year. I can not believe how quick 2017 went by. I can not believe what a year it has been....

But I do believe we can make 2018 better! or at least try to. 
The main thing is to stay as positive as possible! Easier said then done, but if at first you don't succeed.... you know what to do ;-) If there is one thing last year taught me, it's to stay positive!

2017 was a pretty crappy year for me personally, but so was 2016. And many years before that. I struggled for over 10 years with symptoms, medical issues, things I had no answer for. Even doctors couldn't figure it out. I was getting pretty depressed, I didn't have any joy in my life anymore. I only had pain and lots of it. And nobody knew where it came from. Bloodtests were always 'okay', despite the fact that there were always inflammatory values in my blood, doctors seem to find this 'normal' .... but I didn't s…

Why I am NOT too old for Disney

If it wasn't obvious already: I LOVE DISNEY! and I am NOT ashamed of that! 

I see the looks people sometimes give me, I hear the comments but frankly my dear, I don't care :)
Born in 1983, I grew up watching lots of Mickey cartoons, Disney movies and Disney music. I especially loved The Little Mermaid and Lady and the Tramp. They are still my favorites today, but they got Rapunzel to accompany them now :) My mom told me she was always so annoyed by the fact that I just watched one of both films and the second it had finished, I was rewinding the tape(because DVD was obviously not a thing back then in the late 80's, early 90's) and just watched it again. This was repeated many times :)

She always asked: aren't you tired of watching that over and over again? You almost know those films by heart.  No mom, not 'almost', I just know them by heart :) 
During my teenage years, which by the way was a very dark period in my life, the love for Disney slightly faded because…