20 facts about my Disney Life

Hi guys

Because I've made so many lovely Disney friends this year and because most of them are from the UK or we communicate in English.... I thought it would be nicer for them if I wrote my blogposts in English from now on. So if I'm making grammar mistakes or spelling-errors, I'm terribly sorry and I'll blame it on Google Translate! :p 

That being said. Here's the '20 facts about my Disney Life' tag. Not that anyone tagged me to do this, but I just invited myself to do it, so here it goes:

1. I grew up watching lots and lots of Mickey & friends cartoons.

2. My earliest memory of a full lenght Disney movie is either 'Lady and the Tramp' or 'The Little Mermaid'. 

3. I can't 100% be sure of that because I was like...6 or something and I saw them both around the same time.

4. What I do now for sure is that Ariel is my favorite princess

5. Lady is my favorite Disney-dog

6. Because I live in the Flemish part of Belgium and back in the day there were no DVD's yet: I watched those movies in Dutch. 

7. I could sing along with 'part of your world' and 'the siamese cat song' perfectly....in Dutch that is.

8. I didn't watch both movies in English until 2015, when I bought both on blu-ray. 

9. I was kinda sad I couldn't sing along in English but I'm learning :p

10. I'm not a fan of sequels. I've never even seen The Little Mermaid II or III 

11. Yet I do loved the complete Toy Story series and I also loved all the Star Wars-movies.

12. I've been to Walt Disney World Florida once. I was around 8 years old back then.

13. I can't remember much of it, but I do remember standing in front of the globe at Universal studio's and seeing the big ball of Epcot. Oh and the monorail!

14. My first visit to Disneyland Paris was in 2010, because I had won 1 day tickets at my Carrefour supermarket.

15. Since that first visit, we've visited DLP almost each year.

16. I've got my first DLP Annual Passport April 2016. I saved for it for about a year and got the rest gifted for my birthday so I could buy this thing that was number 1 on my Wishlist for 6 years.

17. Since April 2016, I've met Ariel around 5 or 6 times. It's been a bubbly meeting every single time.

18. My second favorite princess is Rapunzel and Belle is in third place :)

19. My favorite sidekick: Pascal!

20. At first I wanted to give my daughter a princess name. In the end I didn't..but I named her 'Sterre' which is old Dutch for the word 'Star'.... which to me will always be something special and also is connected to the magic world of Disney. 

So there you have it. 20 random Disneyfacts about me and my Disneyfied life :)
If you want to know more Disneyfacts, just ask in the comments below :) I'm sure there's plenty more where this came from, so...

If you're a blogger and a Disneyfan, don't be afraid to try this tag for yourself. It's fun and maybe you discover things about yourself that you didn't even realize :)

Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!