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Disneyland Paris: Big plans for Walt Disney Studios Park

So, out of the blue, The Walt Disney Company announced on February 27th 2018, that they are going to invest 2 BILLION euro's into Disneyland Paris' 2nd park: The Walt Disney Studios Park.

DLP fans were waiting for this for a LONG time now, but with the parks not making enough money since openingday and the very strict rules of the French laws and who knows what else ..... the park got a bit neglected somehow. Untill june 2017! 
That's when The Walt Disney Company officially took over Disneyland Paris.

When we heard the news, people had lots of different opinions. Some were disappointed they had to sell their shares to TWDC, some were angry or had mixed feelings, but a lot of them were excited. Amongst them: Me! 
I've seen countless WDW and Disneyland Anaheim vlogs. I know what TWDC is capable of! This 'take over' could only be a good thing. I just knew they had a lot for us in store and just yesterday, they proved me right. 

Although I'm not the biggest Marvel fan and I am sick and tired of seeing/hearing all things Frozen since it came out(thanks my lovely daughter :p)....I'm still excited because the plans and especially the concept art show that there is also a lot of potential for things they did not announce......yet. ;-)

Concept art made by Disney. Picture from 
As you can see on the concept art, when you enter the park and go through Studio 1(no idea if it'll change name by then), you'll come out facing the Tower of Terror on your left and Art of Disney Animation to the right. When you go left, you'll enter the area that will be completely dedicated to Marvel. Up until now, there isn't much info about the new areas yet but we do now Rock 'n' Roller coaster will be rethemed to an Iron Man coaster. 

concept art by Disney/Marvel
Back to where you enter after Studio 1: right in front of you, in between ToT and Art of Animation, there will be a large avenue with a giant lake at the end. To the left of the lake you will find the Star Wars area and across the lake you'll see the kingdom of Arendelle. 

These will be the 3 big new areas in Walt Disney Studios Park. But there is more to see. 
As you look closely into Toy Story Playland, you'll see the Aliens swirling Saucer attraction, just as in WDW. It'll be somewhere in between the Toy Soldiers parachute drop and RC Racer. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about this one! Yay aliens! :) 

concept art by Disney
And like I said, eventhough they didn't announce any of the following yet, but...

Look closely at that Frozen area: You see that big mountain in the back? Davey from Disney goofballs saw something 'Expedition Everest'-ish in that and I couldn't agree more! I can totally see a likewise ride but instead of a yeti.....enter Marshmallow! :) It would totally make sense! 
I also see a lot of potential for a new parade or even a nighttime parade like Paint the Night for example. Probably including Marvel and Star Wars too. That large Avenue is perfect for it!
And what about that lake. Do you think what I think? Exactly: Bring on Fantasmic or World of Colour.....or just something new and original to go on there every night.

I can see a big empty space on the right side of the lake, so plenty more opportunities there too!

So, are you excited yet? I sure am. The first parts should open in 2021, so I'm guessing construction walls will turn up soon and work will start. 

What are your thoughts? What ride or attraction would you like to see? Maybe some meet and greets? And what about Disneyland Park itself? Would you like to see some new rides over there or maybe a new land or rethemed land? Personally I would love to see something similar to Cars land come to the Studios and New Fantasyland to Disneyland. 
Only time will tell if our wishes will come the meantime: keep on dreaming and believing!



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