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My Disney-bucket list

As promised: A new, bubbly, fluffy, Disney, happy post :)

I'm assuming every Disney-fan has one. So without further ado, I present you My Disney-Bucket list :) (You can say the 'tadaaaaaaaaaaa' silently in your head, it's ok!) 

1. Offcourse, the ultimate dream: Visit as many Disneyparks as possible. Unless I win some kind of lottery....or find a really rich Disney lover....this will probably never happen, but hey. Never stop dreaming, right? :)

2. Meet rare characters. 
We all know these special ones aren't thrown at our feet, so every new and rare charactermeet is a winner! 

3. Go to a Halloween-night or soirĂ©e or something like that in a Disneypark. I would love to dress up as one of my favorite Disney-Characters. 

4. Learn as much as possible about Walt Disney, his life and his family. I am 100% sure this will only make me understand and respect his work even more. 
As a matter of fact, I've just been watching the movie 'Walt before Mickey' and it was a little bit of an eye opener. Although I knew he had to work hard, it showed a more 'darker' side of Walt's life, before he became famous, before he invented our best friend Mickey. It shows us that he really had to work very hard for what he dreamed of. Something that some people might take for granted sometimes, not knowing his past and what struggles he had before he became the Walt Disney we all know. 

5. Learn to draw some of Disney's Characters in the Art of Disney Animation studios. Seriously, I have never been in there. I'm ashamed about that. Some people might probably think I'm not a real Disney-fan, but that's their problem, right? :) It is on the bucket list, people! Rome wasn't build in a day, neither was Disneyland.

6. Go on the Tower of Terror. 
Yeah, I know, same as the previous one I guess :) but it scares the heck out of me! Someday I will conquer the tower!

7. Be in Disneyland for Christmas and/or New Year's eve. 

8. Visit Disneyland Paris in each season(I allready did Spring twice, Summer once and Halloween 3 times. Now I only need Christmas.....fingers crossed it will happen this year or january 2017) 

9. Have lunch/dinner in Walt's, Blue Lagoon, Plaza Gardens, La Grange, Auberge and Chez Remy.

10.  Stay in the Disneyland Hotel. Even if it's only one night :) Stay in SQL Golden Forest and also stay in NPBC Compass Club. 

So, what's on your Disney bucket list? Let me know in the comments, on twitter or post the link to your bucket-list-blogpost :) I'd love to read yours!

Take care



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